Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gotta Go Fishin'

Grammie and Papa have a great back yard to explore in. Papa Keith put a Koi pond in a few years ago. For us it is just so relaxing to sit on the deck and listen to the waterfall. But for the kids, it is time to go fishing. Avin and Papa Keith go fishing alot together,it is their past time to do. So today the little ones wanted to fish too. So out came the cane poles with "hooks" (Grammie put bobbers on the end with no true lure, safety first!) Liam was in heaven! He had the bobber whipping around all over the place. Luckily for the Koi that reside in the pond they were semi safe!
Lavinia joined in the fun too! She decided to take a cozy spot on Grammie's lap.
She did not stay as long as Liam once she figured out that she was not really going to catch Papa's Koi.

Baby Samuel

Samuel a.k.a. Baby Sam, and now "Sam-a-loop" for me is my nephew. When I learned my sister was going to have a baby I was so happy that I cried. This sweet boy has become the mending glue for my sister and I. Being eight years apart, we did not have a great relationship. But the past year or so we began working on our relationship, and getting to know each other all over again. When she became pregnant, we now had an even greater bond, the one of motherhood. Samuel is such a wonderful baby. He was born with his eyes wide and awake. He looked everywhere and seemed to just take it all in, as if to say "So this is!" We have the privilege to take care of Sam in the week, and he is smiling and seems to love hanging with Aunt Heddie and Uncle Brian. This little boy is a blessing in our family.

Gardening 2008

Here we are at another year of gardening. The past few years I have not had a vegetable garden due to fact that the kids were too little and I worked full time last summer. Brian built me "another" raised bed. The past few were not in the best place. Our yard does not have the greatest soil despite my continuous efforts. We do not spray or use chemicals on the yard or garden, it all the way organic. We went to the greenhouse Bench Farms on Rt. 2. I recommend them, my cousin is married to their son. We had a beautiful family day. The kids helped decide what went in the garden. This garden is part of Avin's cub scout badge too. Lavinia planted "her strawberries" in a container and Liam helped me plant a "Pizza Container" With tomato, basil, oregano, parsley. We still need to plant a traditional Native garden on a mound. This will include corn, beans, and squash (actually pumpkin) This will be the first time I did this the traditional way. Be sure to stay tuned and watch our garden grow!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Field Trip to the Mud Hens!

It is the time of year when field trips are heralding the closing of another year of school. Today went to see the Toledo MudHens play against the Columbus Clippers. I signed up a few months ago to be a field trip Mom and was really excited about going. However with having the foot surgery I was not sure two weeks ago if I could go. But lucky for me I did, we had a blast. I think I had more fun then the kids did.
The day started off a bit chilly and cloudy but as the game started, the sun came out and we played ball! Unfortunately, the Hens did not win, but it was close 7 to 5, so close yet so far! Avin picked his two friends Divon and Nathan to ride with us. So as soon as the friends appeared I was ignored, I guess it is not "cool" to hang with good ole' Mom. But as soon as the popcorn/cotton candy hawkers came through the crowd I was then his best pal! So I caught some "rays", talked to an old friend, and cheered on the game!

Vintage Geek!

I love vintage and folk items.The older and cooler the better. I do not know what it is about it that makes me happy, it just does. Maybe it is the thrill of finding a neat item for cheap, or it is just my love of nostalgia, but it is a love of mine regardless.
I love to shop antique markets, garage sales, flea markets and art festival to find that just right item. It is even better when you find the item and it is inexpensive. Who does not like to find a deal right.
Through the years I have collected some neat things. My favorite is the Strawberry jar that was always on my Grandma's counter, old photos of my family, nick knacks, antique beads (Brian actually owns Louis and Clark beads from that time period, which were used for trade with the Natives) but that was my collection. However, since having the kitchen remodeled I am going to decorate it in prim-folk/vintage/what ever else I decide on...
So, now that Spring is here and Summer is on it's way I hope to begin finding some neat things, Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pamper Night!

When I pushed this beautiful child from my womb and heard my husband crying "It's a girl, oh, my girl" I did not know to what level those words would mean to me. To say the least it has been a roller coaster ride with Miss Lavinia.
Having only two boys at the time to go on, we realized fast just how different this little person is. She only slept in Brian's arms. If we put her down, she would wake right up. To this day it is a task to put her to bed. She played different, wanting someone to play with, always to be by someone. And the biggest obstacle that we deal with daily is her up and down mood swings. One minute a sweet, innocent, loving girl, and the next a screaming, opinionated Banshee. But not all things were trying. I could put her in pink and purple, attach bows and lace wherever, and even paint her small toenails. I could not wait to have tea parties and pamper nights. And I have to believe that her strong self will one day be her greatest asset.
As she got older we invented "Mommy's beauty shop." It is usually after a bath, on my bed, with all the hair do-das and nail polish spread everywhere. It is where we play and more importantly have our time together. I try to do this as much as possible with all the kids, spend alone time with each of them. It is hard at times with life pulling every which way, but it sure is worth it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beware of the Verrucas!

Sounds a little like a "B" horror flick does it not? In my world it has become a horror. You may ask "What is a Verruca?" For some you may know the answer, for those who do not, let me give you the definition:
verruca; verruca plantaris
A round or oval-shaped wart on the sole of the foot. The wart usually has a crack or dark spot at its centre. It can be painful when pressed against underlying tissue. Plantar warts are caused by viruses. They are very contagious and are often transmitted by walking bare foot in changing rooms.

This pretty much sums it up for you...notice the bold, colorful print? It is true, all true!
For those of you who have had these and never had pain, bravo to you! I have been in pain for over one year. Working with my podiatrist we have had them froze, lasered, cut out, used acid and duct tape, vitamin A. However with no avail, I still had the buggers popping out.
This last bout I had eleven on the ball of my left foot and one big one my right heel.
So on April 30, I had surgery. I currently have a 3x3 inch wound on my left foot, and a wound the size of 50 cent piece on my right heel. This surgery was done as outpatient, and under general anesthetic. Real fun let me tell you.
So as I sit in my pain killer state of mind, let me give you some advice:
Never, Never go barefoot in a public locker room, pool, or water park, if you do, be prepared to suffer the Verruca Wrath!

C'mon over, pull up a chair.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.
I found these kids chairs at a flea market and got them both for $15. I love this color!

The Apron Swap

The Apron Swap
I did it! And I even made one for myself!