Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 101

Avin very determined to make his pumpkin the coolest. Even at the "ripe ol' age" of nine, he has not gotten over his uneasiness over the pumpkin "guts."

As with most families we carved our pumpkins for our Family Home evening night. Between soccer games, school, parties, and all the wonderful things that come with a family, our FHE nights are often changing. Regardless of how the week is going, we set aside a night for just our family to do something together. The world is fast becoming a horrible place and we have been counseled to spend time with our families. It is a must! The problems in the world I believe would be solved if family came first. One family at a time.

This was Liam's first year getting to "gut" the pumpkin. He was not to keen on it as most kids are not. Lavinia, gave step by step instructions to Brian as to how her pumpkin was going be. Avin of course drew a complicated design that caused poor Brian's hand to ache. But the best part was the kids ALL tried a pumpkin seed, and they all agreed that they are "delicious!" I am always amazed by this little people who occupy my heart and home.


The Witch is In! Me at our church's Trunk or Treat

Jack O' Lanterns 2008

Today is my favorite day of the whole year! So far I have had two phone calls from my friends wishing me a Happy Halloween. Just like I would have calls if it was my birthday. I start the spooky festivities early, enjoying them as they come. I have watched as many Halloween specials as possible and just bask in the happiness that this day brings to me. every year I stay up on October 30 so I can "welcome" the day. Call me a pagan but I cannot deny my love for this day. Unfortunately, this year I am suffering a really awful headache that just seems to not want to go away. Hopefully, by tonight it will have gone and I can enjoy the night of ghosties, and goblins.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Birds

Not too far from our house is a great place to feed birds. Primarily there are domestic ducks and a few wild ones. However at this time of the year the Canada Geese and the Mallard ducks seem to be the big residents. Despite my dislike of birds, I do enjoy Canada Geese. I think they are absolutely beautiful. This particular Saturday we picked up Devin from his Mom's house and went to lunch. Then we took our stale bread to the pond. When we arrived, there was another person with the same idea so the group of birds were already gathered feasting. The kids were excited and yet a little apprehensive. Much to my dismay with the beautiful ducks and geese, came the "sky rats." For those of you who do not know what I am referring to, a sky rat is a seagull. Obviously, I do not not hold a high regard for them.

As we proceeded to throw the bread and goodies to the birds, I bent over to toss some to a goose who caught my eye. At that time, I felt something hit my back end. I reached around with my hand, and "Squish!" I had received an aerial attack to my back. Apparently the seagulls sensed my dislike for them and retaliated. Yep, Seagull poop on my butt and hand! Devin of course got a big kick out of that, and took a picture of it:

See Exhibit A------------->

Luck for me I had tissue and hand wash with us. However, I could not wait to get home and scrub my hands. Avian Flu anyone? Once this happened, everyone with hoods put them up or as Liam did raised his shirt over his head. Avin stated "Bombs away!" Cute? He thinks so.

Watch out falling Poop!

Will this stop us from feeding our wildlife? Probably not, the kids loved it. But we knew it was time to go when the little ones started trying to catch the geese.

Our Fall fun!

As always, the past few weeks have been busy, busy, busy! We have been enjoying the wonders of fall! We went to our favorite pumpkin farm, Fleitz farms in Oregon, Ohio. This has become our family tradition. Lots of pumpkins and cool gourds to choose from. Goats and chickens to feed, and always a doughnut and cider to top off the day.

How big am I? A must every year! Notice Avin does not look very happy about doing this. But we made him dang it, it is tradition!

Friday, October 10, 2008

ABC's and 1, 2, 3's

If only school for adults could be as easy as learning your ABC's and 1,2, 3's! I am doing it again, yes I am back to being a "professional student." So, what am I going to do now when I grow up? I have enrolled in Medical Office Technology/Coding and billing. Basically, I will be able to run and manage a medical office, enter codes and billing. I thought about being a Medical Assistant, however, I am told I will make more money at doing this. Even though I have already have an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education, I need to be able to have a job that will actually pay something. Honestly, I love office busy work. I love organizing, love working with the public and customer service. However, I hate retail. At the way our economy is going, it looks like we will have to work until we die. Luckily for me, I do not have to long to complete this degree. Most of my previous credits transferred. So I am looking at a little over a year, going full time. I wanted to get something else under my belt before the kids will all be in school, then I will have nothing to do! So far classes are good, just like riding a bike. But with all things it is just organizing and going with the flow of our family, and trusting in the Lord. So, with that said, it is now time for me to hit the books! Night!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sick, Sick, and Sick!

Liam is a very sick little chicken! It started Saturday at the Powwow with a high fever, and has continued to this very moment. The fever is lower but now I have a very stuffy whining little boy. The new thing is somehow he has forgot how to wipe his own nose. If a little junk starts rolling out, (I know gross!) he starts whining and says "my nose!" This morning he told me that "My nose is broke, Mommy I can't Breed.) Sigh, I hate when kids are sick,especially mine. We have been to the doctor's twice this week. Monday he was fine except the fever, probably viral. FYI Hand Foot and Mouth is going around. However, his fever was still going strong yesterday, now we have a possible Strep throat. I sit here now, holding a hot, tired, crying 2 year old, waiting to get the test results back. Oops, gotta go wipe his nose, shall I join in the crying too?

C'mon over, pull up a chair.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.
I found these kids chairs at a flea market and got them both for $15. I love this color!

The Apron Swap

The Apron Swap
I did it! And I even made one for myself!