Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year down!

Despite our ups and downs this year, and boy did we have alot! I want to say that through it all there have been great blessings.
When one door opens, another always opens.

My children have grown and despite our two months of "illness" have been healthy.
Brian is working...even though he hates his job.
The sword business has been a great financial help.
I am rocking in school.
I got a nephew this year, and a niece is due in April. (Maybe my birthday?) hmmm...
We moved out of the "ghetto!"
We have a new, used van.
Old friends have come back and stronger in my life, I love the Bunco Chixs!
My hubby and I are going through a great and wonderful transition in our marriage.
Therapy is awesome! LOL!

The list goes on and on. I am not one to really set New Year's Resolutions. But this year Brian and I have decided to make a "plan" for the next year. If we accomplish all that we want, then that would be awesome. We are being realistic though, habits are hard to break. The will is there.

We hope that for 2009, that all our family and friends have a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Creepy Crude, Don't Bring Me Down!

Believe it or Not, we all have suffered numerous bouts with the "Crude" for the last three months. It start in October with Liam. Then it shifted to me. Then to Lavinia, then me again. Avin suffered, Liam again, Brian and me, and it is lingering in the very chapped and worn noses of my children. *Sigh* Despite my continuous efforts, doctor trips, chicken soup and saltines, this has been the worst our family has been in a long time. The problem is this, the "Crude" is never the same, Here is how it has manifested itself, beware!

1. Viral throat infection

2. Common cold

3. Bronchitis

4. Common cold

5. Strep Throat

6. Lingering cold

7. Flu Bug (Stomach kind)

8. Sinus infection

9. 24 fever, puke, body aches

10. The forever ever snot fest (I should buy stock in Kleenex!)

Now I have reflected much as to how this is all happening, and have a very proactive stance on the whole bit. I am a "Germaphobe" I clean, therefore I am!

This past Wednesday, I turned off the heat, opened windows for eight hours, bleached every possible surface, washed all bedding and changed the furnace filter. Yes, we are clean, maybe too clean if that is possible. However, the fact that the preschool, and elementary schools are not is most likely the issue here.

Now that Christmas break has arrived, the kids can maybe heal and the creeping crude there can die. And DIE it should! Last night when my beautiful babies walk in the door, but what to my "wondering ears should appear? The sudden sound of "splat" and puke hitting the floor. Thankfully, Lavinia did this only once and knock on wood all is well. Out came the bleach, masks and gloves, and here I am cleaning...again.

So for all of you out there, beware, the creepy crude is everywhere!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kitty No Name

Hi! I want to introduce myself as the newest member in the Dreier party. However, I have not been named. I try and tell my new people that I have a name, but they just do not listen. I have given them many ideas, however they have not decided on one yet. I have been here now for almost a month. Before this I lived with a nice foster mom who took great care of me. My new Mom and Dad came in a pet store where I was sleeping in a cage with other cats who needed homes. Imagine my surprise when they picked me to be an early Christmas gift for my boy Avin. Last night, my family finally came up with three names I suggested to them. (Tsk and Hiss, it took them long enough!) Anyway, they still can not agree my name! So, I thought I would post it on their blog and my Mom's facebook page, a poll, to let my readers decide on my name.

So, could you please vote on it? I have included a picture of me and the three possible names.

The names that I could live with are:

1. Hobbs

2. Herbert (Herbie for short)

3. Chance

Thanks a bunch! High paw for the one who nails this down for me. I really need a name, "Kitty no name is getting really annoying!

Monday, December 1, 2008

How many more days?

We have all heard it said, we have even said it ourselves. How many more days until Christmas? So this year I thought I would beat my kids to it and make an Advent Calendar of sorts. I got this idea somewhere last year. Using matchboxes from the good ol' food storage shelf, scraps of left over Christmas paper, embellishments, voila! a calendar.

I decided to put magnets on the back of the boxes and use our magnet board from Ikea. Today, I put little messages in the boxes for the kids to do. They vary from singing carols, finding a "goodie". However, to help them truly understand the reason for Christmas, I wrote the verses from the scriptures of Christ's birth. I spilt the verses up so that from the 12th to the 25th, each day will be a verse of the story.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.
I found these kids chairs at a flea market and got them both for $15. I love this color!

The Apron Swap

The Apron Swap
I did it! And I even made one for myself!