Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes, it is the elusive teenage son.

Devin Thomas Justice-Dreier the most amazing kid I know! I have been blessed to have him in my life and be able to call him "my son." He has been a wonderful addition to my family and we know he has great and wonderful things ahead of him. So what has he been up too? Alot! Keep reading!

I was looking through my past blogs when I realized that there is nothing much about Devin on here. How can we be "Dreierpartyofsix" and not have him on here? As you see by the title of this blog, he is the ever elusive son. What can I say he is17 and heading into his senior year in high school. The BIG finish! It does not help that Devin hates, I mean hates getting his photo taken and will at all cost avoid it. Sigh! He must get that from Brian.
So here is to the most talented, loving seventeen year old boy you will ever meet. He is the keeper of the peace, the big brother, and the son with much to offer.

Devin has inherited his talent for music from Brian and Grandpa Morgan. There is a very strong genetic trait for being able to pick up an instrument and "get" the music. Devin started with playing music when he was ten years old. He sat on the PowWow drum with Dad and the guys. He decided in sixth, seventh and eighth grade to play the flute in band. Not a traditional instrument for a guy, but we do not believe in "gender stereotypes." Sophomore year he joined the drum line. He is definitely a born drummer. You do not see Devin without him tapping his fingers to the beat he is creating in his head. He got his own drum set for Christmas almost two years ago.

Almost a year ago, Devin picked up the guitar and Bass. He just sits down and plays around and plays, and plays! Now he is in a band, and has played in a public venue for an all age show. Practice happens in our garage, so do not be surprised if you hear hard core death alternative metal when you stop by. With school starting soon Devin will be very busy with Band, his band, school and getting ready for life. Hopefully he is still planning on serving a mission too.

Here are the guys! Devin, Tyler, Mike and T. J. who make up "13th Hour" This Saturday is their second show at a local all age show place. I cannot wait to see their hard work pay off!

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C'mon over, pull up a chair.
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