Friday, July 11, 2008

The Fourth of July!

Happy BirthDay America the Beautiful!

The day was pretty low key, not much happened. We pretty much spent most of the day catching up on things around the house. I was able to go visit a friend who I had not seen forever. We had a nice time sitting in the sun and having some awesome laughs about life.

Originally I had thought of having a cook-out with family and friends, but that got pushed aside due to just having alot on our plate. We did have my friend of thirty three years, Wendy and her son come over to watch the fireworks. My sister, Henry and Sam came too. But about 20 minutes before the fireworks were to start, Sam had other plans and crashed on me. So they took him home. Where we live we can see the firework show from Downtown Toledo. However now that the kids are older we said next year we want to go downtown to watch them.

After the 25 minute "Red, White and Boom" show, we put the kids to bed, and Wendy, Brian and I watched the fireworks that people in the neighborhood were setting off. It was so bad that the neighborhood was full of egg smelling fog.

Liam getting to hold his "first" sparkler. He was pretty geeked about the whole thing, that was until he felt a spark on his hand! Then he just had everyone else hold them for him. This was his first fourth of July where he stayed up to see the fireworks. Every time one went off he would point and yell "Da Fireworks, seeee, Firewoorks, I see the fireworks!"

The big hit was the Snaps you throw on the ground. They are alot of fun, except when you have a million little papers all over the place! : )

A very burned Henry, Lavinia making sure these Snaps are just paper
and funky sock Samuel.

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C'mon over, pull up a chair.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.
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The Apron Swap
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