Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Walk into the past through music.

Music carries the mind to other places. Tonight it carried me back to my childhood. Searching for music for this blogspot, I came across the artist Carly Simon. Carly Simon was one of the artist that we listened to in our home. Nostalgia surfaced and I began to search for other 70's favs.
Music was a big deal in our home. Dad and Mom always had music on. My favorite memory with music is waking up to music on the weekends. Saturdays were usually cleaning days for Mom, and tinkering around in the yard or elsewhere for Dad. Usually the choice of music played varied from the Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" album, Doobie Brothers, Cat Stevens, Steely Dan, Carly Simon, Heart, Grover Washington "Winelight" album. Dad took great care of his albums and his stereo system. He taught me the "tuner", "turntable" and when we got it, the "cassette player." I remember he built a sort of music entertainment center out of an old dresser, left over orange shag carpet from the maroon van? (I think that is where it came from) I even learned how to properly clean a vinyl too!
Mom and I use to sing and dance to music. I loved helping her clean and she would turn up the music and we would start dancing through the house! We still do it when the mood strikes us. Our dancing varies to hard core, true cuttin' the rug, to silly dancing.
I remember going to Peaches Record store on Reynolds road with Dad when he was in search of a new record. When I was around eight years old I got my first album of my very own it was Daryl Hall and John Oates "Voices" album. I remember the first time I heard the single "What I got you want and it might be hard to handle, like a flame that burns the candle..." I was laying in the back seat of our blue Buick Regal driving up Nevada St. going to Papa and Gram Jensen's house. I remember sitting up and telling Dad and Mom how much I loved that song and asked if I could get my own record of this. Dad said that Hall and Oates actually have been around since then. I was surprised. This was the beginning of my Dad and I having a common interest together. Dad took me to everyone of the Hall and Oates shows when they came to town.
Memories of parties, and cookouts, hanging at the quarry, the jam session in the backyard with Jim and Bonnie, going camping and singing in the back of the Maroon Van with mom, Dad's Harmonica sessions, when will "brown eyed girl and Margaritaville die?"The music that sticks out the most in my mind I have downloaded on my playlist below. Look at them, listen to them, see if they bring back any memories for you...

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C'mon over, pull up a chair.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.
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