Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh where have I been?

Has it been that long? Time certainly does fly by! I realized that I have not posted in some time, so not like me.
Life is good. Busy, but good. School for me is totally crazy. I have had a very hard time getting back into the swing of it. Maybe it is having that long holiday break, or the fact I am taking day classes this quarter rather than night. Who knows. I am finally feeling like I am getting into it and it is midquarter, sigh.
New on the home front...
Brian did not get the job he had hoped for throught Toledo Public Schools. Bummer, but we fully believe there is a reason for everything. So he will continue working hard at his current job.
The kids are always changing, so much I could be on this computer blogging until the my fingers fall off. Lavinia is really advancing in her letter recognition and was able to start sounding out sight words. We have mastered the words, "of" "see" "the"and "your." It probably does not help that Mommy has her first degree in Early Childhood Education. She was so proud of herself the other night. I love when children realize they did something that makes them "more grown up."
Liam, what a hoot! This kid is such a funny little frog. He started branching into the Art area at school. Now I have more artwork to frame and hang up.
Avin, what grown up he is becoming. You know that it is happening when your stinky little boy is no longer smelling like a sweaty boy, but a older, sweaty boy. Is it possible my first born will be 10 soon? Yikes, double digits. I seriously have issues with these kids and them growing up.

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C'mon over, pull up a chair.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.
I found these kids chairs at a flea market and got them both for $15. I love this color!

The Apron Swap

The Apron Swap
I did it! And I even made one for myself!