Sunday, January 11, 2009

What did we do in a snow storm?

Living in Northwest Ohio you never are really sure if you are going to get the snow. Most of the time it hits Lake Erie and goes to Cleveland and Buffalo. However, we definitely got hit. We had a level 2 snow emergency, which left us home bound. I have to admit it was nice to be all cozy. So instead of looking at the downside of this, we joined in the wintry fun!

After my third time shoveling, (that counts as exercise, right?) I finally got smart and "hired" Avin to shovel. We got the kids all bundled up and walked down to our local park and went sledding. It was a blast! Brian pulled Lavinia and Liam on the sled which they loved. After a few times, going down the hill Liam was ready to go. Lavinia on the other hand is a big snow baby. Every time we went down she laughed so hard, jumped up and drudged up the hill for another turn. Avin is always ready for adventures. I did a snow angel, bringing back some more memories. The hardest part was walking back home while wet and cold. Hot chocolate anyone?

The kids also made sock puppets and had a puppet show. They set up Lavinia's dolls as the audience.

After dinner I decided to break out a 750 piece puzzle. I always remember my Papa and Gram doing puzzles during bad weather. I forgot how much I missed doing puzzles. Brian and I stayed up until 2 am doing it and then spent about 3 hours today. Just when I could not take it, and swore "there are pieces missing!" Another one would fit and the will to continue was born again.

Needless to say, Brian just found another one to put together. Hmmm.......

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Lindsey said...

YES, shoveling definitely counts as exercise--good work!

Sounds like you really had fun. Those puppets are so cute. :)

C'mon over, pull up a chair.

C'mon over, pull up a chair.
I found these kids chairs at a flea market and got them both for $15. I love this color!

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The Apron Swap
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